RF Network Planing /Design

Genexx offers RF Optimization services for existing GSM and CDMA network operators. This is a continuous RF engineering activity that ensures optimum network performance that meets the set Quality of Service (QoS) targets such as

  • Coverage of Service Area: Urban areas, In building, Suburban areas, Roads, Rural areas etc
  • Call Success Rate
  • Handover failure
  • Rx quality

The benefits of Genexx ’s RF Optimization service for the network operator are increased revenues and reduced costs.

  • Network quality is maintained resulting in higher speech quality index.
  • Stronger competitiveness resulting in higher customer acquisitions.
  • Satisfied customers resulting in low churn
  • Efficient network utilization resulting in  reduced investment costs.

Genexx ’s RF Optimization services include the following:

  • Study of network performances through OMC Statistics, drive tests and customer Enquiry.
  • Post-processing and analysis of the performance data to bench mark the network performance against the set QoS targets and identify eventual problems.
  • Proposing an action plan for solving the problems. The proposed action plan may include parameter changes and/or network configuration changes and/or network Hardware elements changes.
  • In close coordination with the customer, implementing the proposed action plan.
  • Performance Verification to ensure that the optimization process has resulted in network performance improvements such that it meets the set QoS targets.